Terms of Use Wifi


In this holiday home you can make use of a free Wifi network

(hereinafter ‘ Network ‘). The network is offered by Ferienort Obermehlen (hereinafter ‘ provider ‘). The use of this network is associated with terms and conditions, which apply to all users of the network. By using the network, each user connects to the following conditions.

The network should not be used:
-to distribute, consult and/or download spam, viruses or illegal software.
-To provide themselves and/or others with access to networks, computers, information or (peripheral) equipment not intended for public use.
-for conduct that is illegal, threatening, abusive, harassing, fraudulent, offensive or defamatory.


Attempting to access unauthorized services, user accounts or computer systems in any way is not permitted.
The use of the network should never be contrary to national laws and regulations.

The Transmission of information (including email) over the network is not secure and may be subject to loss, interception and/or alteration of the information.

Users are advised to use at least one antivirus program and firewall.

It is Also advised to use a VPN connection if confidential or sensitive information is sent or a connection to a corporate network is made.

The use of the network is completely at the risk of the user. The network provider shall not be liable for any damage caused by the use of the network.

The Provider reserves the right to deprive the user who does not comply with these terms of use with access to the network and to remove it from the network. In Addition, the user who violates these Terms of use shall be liable for any damage resulting from the supplier.