These are our houses in Obermehlen during the cold Christmas morning of 2018 filmed by one of our guests.

The extensive surroundings of the nature area around the Mehlenbach are good to see on this video.

In the vicinity of Obermehlen and Willwerath you can make many trips.

Watch the videos and stories below, as examples of what can be seen during your stay in our beautiful Eifel.

Winter sports Areas Wolfsschlucht and Schwarzer Mann are just minutes away from Obermehlen.
Ski lessons, rent of skis and sledges, food and drinks; Everything is available here during winter days.
Schwarzer Mann also has a full restaurant; This is open all year round. Beautiful walks, also directly from your holiday home in Obermehlen, with a delicious cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate with a warm apple strudel or even a complete meal as a reward.

Wolfsschlucht also has snow cannons, so it can offer skiing fun on cold days without snow.

For more information you can visit the website of the Ski Club Prüm on the Wolfsschlucht: Klik op de tekst om naar de site doorgestuurd te worden.

In Wallenborn is a unique phenomenon for Europe to admire: a real geyser!

Every 35 minutes you can see the geyser erupts, with a water jet up to 4 meters high.


Nature around Obermehlen

In Obermehlen There is a lot to walk, and during such a walk you can see local wildlife such as deer and foxes.

But also beavers are active at a short distance from our houses!

Take a walk to Gondenbrett to see if you can find the Beaver Castle.

In any case, the traces of the beavers can be found along the footpaths….


The city of Prüm.

Prüm, 5 kilometres from Obermehlen offers many possibilities for pleasant shopping, eating out (with excellent quality and low prices going hand in hand) and culture. Visit the basilica and the museum in Prüm.









What to do around us

A lot of information about our Eifel can be found on the Dutch website of Check the site click on this text to go to the website.

A German-language website about what to do in the Eifel is or click on this text to go to the website.

For those who like trains, there is a gigantic miniature railway, Ars Technica, on a 15-minute drive from our houses. There is also an exhibition of all kinds of things about the 2nd World War. Check the site or click on this text to go to the website.

All under control

All you need during a short or long stay is available.

Car charging

On request, electric cars with a Type 2 plug can be charged in Obermehlen

Free Wifi

Of course free WiFi is available in all houses.


Especially for wheelchairs our apartment Weide is completely adapted.


Directly from all of the houses, beautiful routes run through the varied Eifel landscape.

Our locations

Ortsstrasse 11, 54595 Obermehlen