Dear Guests,


Welcome to our Holiday Home. We hope You find it here, in our House and in the Eifel, to Your Liking. We would like to comment on Your Stay in the “Note Book” at the entrance. Of course, we like to hear what You liked, but also what You missed or what your Idea might be better for us. We have furnished our Houses according to our Experiences in Holiday Homes and how we would like to find a Holiday Home for our Holiday.

As You will notice, we always make sure there are a few Foods in the House on Arrival so you can enjoy a Cup of Coffee or Tea immediately. Coffee Pods Can be found in the Pad Container as well as Sugar, Milk and Tea.

On the Table below the Stairs at the Entrance are several Folders. Here we have collected Leaflets of Activities you can do here in the Area and (hiking) maps.

You can use the Books, DVDs and Games as well as the Grill Plate and the Cotton Candy Machine on the Bookshelf On The top Floor.

Do You monitor your Children when they use the Trampoline? It can be used by anyone at their own Risk. Do You want To use the Trampoline without Shoes?

The Garden around the House can be used by anyone; Only the Terrace with a grey Ribbon, which is delineated in front of the Basement, and the Terrace of the 5-person apartment building behind the Garden are exclusively suitable for these Apartments. See also the Sketch below.

If you don’t already exist, there are several Garden chairs, Pillows, garden Umbrellas, Barbecues and Bicycles that are free to use in the Garage and In the Small barn next to the garage.

The Plot of the Apartments is on the left to the grassy Ramp, on the right Down to the gray Crevice and above the End of the Stone wall until The extension of the Terrace beyond.

You can park Your Car on the dark grey Plane along the Road.

The Apartments speak largely for themselves, but to make it easy for You, taking some Explanations and more Information.

For all Appliances, the Instructions are in one of the Kitchen Cabinets or Drawers and under the TV.


Books, DVDs and Games

On the top Floor is a Wardrobe of Books, Games and DVDs and Blue Ray’s.

You’ll also find Devices like a universal Charger, suikerspin machine, popcorn machine and a breadmaker machine (makes a Lot of Noise into the Kneading process, perhaps handy to place it on the Work table in the Garage). These are free to use.


In the Apartments (not in the Studio) you will find a Room Thermostat in the Living room or in the Hall. Here You can use the Knob To control the Temperature of Your Home. We have already set the Temperature at an Average Temperature; Don’t Make too big Changes here. Because we have Underfloor Heating, it takes a few Hours for You to see the Result of Your Adjustments. A lower Temperature can last even longer due to the excellent Insulation of the House.
The Temperature can only be set with the Knob if there is no Image of a Key In the Screen. If this is the case, the lower Button next to the Display must be pressed on the right side until the Button stops flashing and is no longer visible. Then set the Temperature with the Knob.

If the Screen is empty, the Voltage is turned off by our Power provider. This happens regularly when there is a lot of Demand for Electricity. As a rule, this takes up to half an Hour.

In Summer, Underfloor heating Works as a Cooling if the Heating is not on “ECO.” You have to keep not having to do anything. Make Sure the Knob Is not too low for the Temperature; The Floor then cools too far and the Moisture will drop off on the Tile Floor and wet and smooth.

Please do not press the Buttons on the Thermostat that can disable the Program.

In the normal Program, the Display should in turn specify the Time and Temperature, the Circle around it must be completely closed.

If this is not the case, the Button to the left of the Display (with the Text ‘ ECO ‘) will be pressed once or more until the correct Screen appears.



All Apartments have a Satellite Receiver and LCD TV with Dutch and German TV Channels.

Each Apartment has a Sheet with a short Description of how to operate the TV.

In the Nursery of the American 60 ‘ s apartment and the 5-Person apartment there is a Game Console and DVD player. There is no TV Show to watch here. Other Apartments include a Games Console in the Living room.

It is possible that the Smart Card for Canal Digital Will not be activated if the Satellite receiver has not been present for some Time. The Card is Usually activated digitally every Month. If you don’t have a Picture on the Dutch Channels, you may need to reactivate the Card over the Internet.

To do this, go to on Your laptop and look For reactivation of An Existing smart card. Canal Digital makes Changes to the Site often, so this Option is not always in the same Place.

The Smart Card sits on the Recipient’s Side, with some Televisions with built-in receiver behind the Screen. You can put it out there; Watch the Lock where You took it out and the Way the Card was in the receiver or TV!

Click on the Website on the Map image As it was inserted into the Recipient. You can now enter the Card Number. That’s under the Barcode on the Map.

Place The Card back into the receiver in the same Way.

Enter the Security Code at the Bottom of the Page and click the “Activate” Button.

Make Sure the Recipient is on RTL4 or SBS6. As a Rule, the Card is activated automatically after a few Minutes. In Exceptional Cases, it can take up to an Hour.

Alternatively, Re-activation can be done by phone, You must call + 31 35 6 477 477. Follow the Instructions to reactivate the Card.


In each House there is WI-FI and usually a Laptop or PC.

With the WPA key ‘ obermehlen123 ‘, You can connect to the Network with your own Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. Since we are in a small Village, the Speed is limited.

Washing machine

The Washer and Dryer are located in the Underground Car park. You can use these Machines. The Cost of this is 2.50 Euros per wash or Dry Turn. You stop Your Laundry in the Washing Machine, place Your Washing Powder in the right Part of the Detergent. You turn the Button on the desired Program and the desired Temperature. A short Washing Cycle is usually enough. You can easily turn on the Tumble Dryer by selecting the desired Level of Drought.

An Ironing Board and a Dry Shelf can be found next to the Washing Machine, while an Iron Stands at the Washing Machine.
Please note the washing and Drying Intervals on the Consumption Form.



The Oven is a combined oven in all Apartments. This means: Microwave And Convection Furnace. In the Apartment of 5 there is also a normal Convection Oven under the Stove.

When Using the Oven, we always ask You to use Baking Paper or Aluminum Foil, so that Cleaning the Oven is also an easy Task.


We ask You not to smoke in the House. If You smoke outside, Be happy to put Your Ashes and Hind legs in an Ashtray.


You can’t make a Purchase in Obermehlen. Prüm, 5 km away, is the nearest Town.

The Hit is the next Grocery Store.

You drive from our House to the right, at the End of the Road back to the right, at the T-junction to the left, at the End of the Kronkelweg to the right, and then the first Road after the 30-Kilometre sign to the right. Cross the Road at the Top. They then drive the Parking lot at the Hit.

In Prüm there are also the Aldi, Lidl, Rewe and the Net.

Aldi: See the Hit up to the 30km long Board.
The 30km sign goes straight ahead. They then head to Downtown Prüm. Turn right At the Roundabout in front of Prüm Abbey. Turn left at the next Roundabout (Aldi is already signposted), then follow the Road (left with the Curve along) and see the Aldi on the right.


Lidl: If you continue straight at the second Roundabout, you can see the Lidl after about 100 m on the right, right past the Raiffeisen gas station.

For LPG tankers: You can also refuel LPG here. There are 2 Tank Hoses available, one of which has a Dutch Connection, so You can refuel without passing Nipples.

At this Gas Station there is also a small Supermarket and bakery for fresh Pastries and Pastries, which are also open on Sundays for the forgotten Food.

NET: If you drive straight ahead at the Gas Station, you can see the Net on the left after about 200 m. There is also a Bakery and Butcher’S shop in the Property.

Rewe: If you drive straight past the Cemetery, you will find the Rewe on the left after about 400m. The Rewe is open from Monday to Saturday until 10Pm. Inside the Rewe there is also a Bakery and Butcher’S shop.
Recently, there is also a takeaway sushi stall in the Supermarket. Here, the Sushi is also made fresh for You.


All Supermarkets have unlimited free Parking. In Prüm itself, the first Hour of Parking is free on weekdays, For a second Hour you pay 0.50 Euros.

Remember to draw a Card for the first Hour and put it behind the Windshield.

On Weekends, Parking is unlimited.

Remember that in Germany, the Parking Disc is often used. Controls are Carried out on a regular basis.

Note: If you drive from Obermehlen Prüm, you will be flashing immediately after the 30 km long sign!


Under the Sink are 1 or 2 Waste Bins with Waste bags. Packaging Materials such as Plastic Bottles, Cans and Milk Packs are stopped in a yellow Plastic basket. This yellow Sack also shows what belongs in it. If the Bag is full or standing on the Street, you can park it in the Garage at the large Garage Door. Glass goes into the red ‘ Glass box ‘ in the Garage, onto the Table near the Window.

Paper and Cardboard are collected in the Parking lot next to the House in the Blue Container.

Other Waste is deposited under the Sink, when the Bag is full it can be picked up in the grey Bin in the Car park next to the Garage. Please do not throw loose Food in the grey Bin; Always Use a bin liner.



If You’re walking with Pets outside, we ask You to bring Your Bags to keep the Environment clean. You can leave the used bags in the grey Garbage Can.


Unfortunately, You will also end Your Holiday in Obermehlen.

We hope You can return home with a satisfied Feeling.

Do You want To make sure that the House stays clean again; Place the Towels used in the Shower or Bathtub, clean the Kitchen again and clean all Dishes again and dry in the Cupboards.

You can leave the Key on the Table in the House or hang it in the Key Safe. The Advantage of this is that you can still enter the House if you forget something …

Don’t Forget:

-Fill In your Account Details on the “Consumption costs” form so we can refund the Deposit

-Sign the Wi-Fi Terms of Use

Share Your Experiences with us in the Guestbook under the Stairs

We wish You a pleasant Stay in Obermehlen.